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What Does Content Audit Have to do with Improving Search Engine Rankings?

by Jaselyn Royan

  • 2024-04-23

A website’s performance depends on how well its content is optimized. A content audit allows the website owner to improve the search engine ranking. But how? If you are a content creator or a website owner, keep reading to find the answer.

A content audit defines how well the website is performing. It defines the statistics of each piece of content in detail. By monitoring the performance, you can better understand the content. Is it up-to-date? Does it help to meet the objectives? How much traffic is it generating?

If you want to know the answers to these questions, keep going.

What is Content Audit?

A content audit reviews all the content published on a website. It assesses the content's quality, performance, and relevance to the targeted audience. This content includes blogs, articles, landing pages, product descriptions, etc.

It allows the site owner to update, remove, keep, or redirect the content according to the insights. It depicts whether the content aligns with the company’s goal. It helps to shape the future content strategy.

Importance of Content Audit in Ranking

Search engine ranking is dependent on some factors. A content audit helps to get a report on each of these metrics. The findings are then used to create a content strategy to improve search engine ranking.

A successful audit helps the site owner find content loopholes and gaps. It also depicts whether the content reaches the targeted audience and assesses all the other goals.

Here is how it helps improve the website content's search engine ranking.

Gives Overview of Content

Having an overview of the websites keeps owners updated. However, monitoring all the content regularly is impossible. It takes a lot of time. Instead, an audit keeps track of all the factors, like:

  • How much content is published on the site?

  • Is it serving its purpose?

  • Which content is the least interacted with?

  • What type of content is ranking?

  • Which product is the most viewed?

  • What is the best-selling product or service?

Depicts Content to be Improved

A thorough audit helps to identify the shortcomings of the content. In simpler words, it shows which content is performing and which needs improvement.

Content audit helps to identify:

  • Broken links that need to be removed.

  • Keywords that were missing.

  • Changes are needed in the writing style.

  • Keywords that are no longer relevant.

  • Images and statistics that need to be updated.

  • Improvements needed in the content structure.

Improves Content Relevancy

Content relevancy is essential to grabbing the user's attention. It helps build search engine credibility, which in turn increases website traffic.

A content audit helps to test the relevancy of the content by performing various tests. After identifying what content needs improvement, you can make changes accordingly. The content will be updated according to the insights.

Enhances the Conversion Rate

It helps to identify which content has a greater conversion rate. And what is the reason for it getting more conversions? Knowing which content plan works for you can improve the conversion rate.

User Engagement

The content is improved and updated according to the audit report while maintaining the user’s preferences. The content will be improved to increase the user’s experience, which will increase the user’s engagement.

Strategic Implementations

As discussed earlier, a content audit helps improve the overall content. It gives an idea of what works for the website and what doesn’t. This knowledge can be applied in the future. The upcoming strategies can be enhanced or better results.

Increases Search Engine Ranking

Lastly, a content audit can improve search engine ranking. Reports and insights about the content will guide the improvement of the ranking. The previous content will be edited according to the findings.

New content is created according to the improved strategy, which will increase the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) ranking.

Goals of Content Audit

Conducting a content audit has three goals. Achieving these goals is essential to creating an impactful content strategy and will ensure success.

Understand the Performance

The first goal of auditing is to calculate the website's overall performance. Every piece of content published on the website is also audited to check its performance.

Identifying the Gaps in the Content

After analyzing the performance, gaps and loopholes are identified. It is important to determine what is missing in the content. These gaps are filled to boost performance.

Making Decisions on How to Improve the Content

The last step is to make decisions for improvement. Previous mistakes are avoided, and new but better strategies are crafted.

When to Do a Content Audit

Now that you know the importance of an audit, you may wonder when to do one.

A content audit is not done very frequently. There are no hard and fast rules for auditing, but it must be part of the content strategy. When a website turns a few years old, it is the right time to conduct an audit report of content.

If you are considering a website redesign, consider a performance analysis and a content audit. The size of the website also matters in this regard. You can also conduct a performance test to develop a new strategy.

Let SEO Penguin Help in the Audit

Various tools are helpful for conducting a content audit. Analytical tools and website crawlers are required to audit a website effectively. SEO Penguins is a suite of efficient tools that allows you to keep track of all performance metrics.

With SEO penguins, you can create an effective content strategy. Tracking progress, managing web pages, and communicating are the key benefits of hiring an SEO agency. Keeping up with industry changes is becoming easier and more efficient.

Last Words

A content audit is a crucial part of any content strategy. It tests the overall content using different metrics to understand its performance. It helps to identify gaps in the content and makes decisions accordingly.

The top benefit of conducting an audit is improved search engine ranking. It helps to improve the content's relevancy, increase conversion rate, and boost user engagement.

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