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5 Effective Tactics to Increase Your Business Visibility On Search Engines

by Jaselyn Royan

  • 2024-03-14

As a business owner, you might have heard of search engine optimization, aka SEO. Well, the truth is that optimizing your website according to the search engine guidelines can be valuable as it can help you increase your visibility and climb to the top search results.

Executing seo strategies is not an easy task, and if you have already tried optimizing your site and failed, we suggest you read on the five effective tips and tricks suggested by experts at SEO Penguins.

In this blog, we will discuss in detail the most effective tactics that would increase the visibility of your business. Follow these suggestions and implement these strategies to increase your website's SERPs.

Let us dig into the strategies that would help your business grow!

1. Publish Relevant and Authoritative Content

To increase visibility and achieve high search rankings, you need to focus on on-page seo tactics, and one of the most important drivers is high-quality content.

To attain visibility, you must understand there is no alternative to high-quality content.

Having quality content that satisfies your target audience's search intent can easily improve your site’s authority and relevance. You can easily find topics that are being searched by your target audience and are relevant to your niche. You can also find the most searched keywords relevant to your website.

Naturally, using keywords in your content and ensuring readability can easily help you win more organic traffic, have a high engagement rate, and improve the overall user experience. An important point to remember while creating content for your site is that it shouldn’t have any traces of plagiarism.

You can order content optimization services from SEO Penguins to get assistance in this department.

2. Focus on Building High Authority Links for the Site

A very smart way of improving your business's visibility and site search rankings is to make link building a priority, not a secondary plan.

Building internal links within your website allows you to drive traffic from one page to another. Internal links can also guide search engines to crawl from one page to another. This way, you can get your new pages indexed without putting individual efforts on each page.

While making internal links, you must use meaningful and enticing words as anchor text to get maximum clicks.

You can also add external links on pages of other sites or industry-related publications that are relevant to yours. By doing so, you can point traffic on these sites to yours. These directory links work as signals of trust shown in your site by others.

The search engine will significantly improve your ranking if you build backlinks with high-authority sites.

In addition to building new links (internal and external), it is also important that you find and fix any broken links, as these can be penalized by the search engine. You can use online backlink checker tools for this purpose.

3. Optimize Google My Business Profile 

Creating and optimizing the GMB profile of your business can also help you attain more visibility. This free service offered by Google lets you provide information about your business when it appears in the search results.

If you have set up your GMB profile, the search engine will not only display the URL and description of your business site but will also show photos of your business, any videos you have added, contact numbers, details of business hours, location of service and any links to make reservations or appointments with your business.

You have to go to, click on the “Manage” button, enter the name of your business, and proceed by providing the required information. You must ensure that all the information you add to your business in this profile is accurate. Once you have set up the profile, you must wait for the verification process to complete.

Businesses or websites with well-optimized GMB profiles would always rank higher and more visible than others. By getting SEO Penguin’s local seo services, you can easily set up and optimize GMB.

4. Make Your Site Friendly for Mobiles

According to recent statistics, over 60% of organic searches on Google and other search engines come from mobile devices. This shows that people today use their mobiles and other small-screen devices for online searching and surfing.

In addition, you must also know that in the latest google algorithm updates, there has been a lot of focus and emphasis on creating mobile-friendly content. Your business site and published content should be responsive for small-screen devices.

You can ask your development team to create a responsive design for your site that could adapt to all commonly used screen sizes. The more responsive your site is, the better the user experience.

By optimizing your business site according to mobile devices, you can easily improve its search engine visibility.

5. Add Your Business to Online Directories

Another great way to increase your business's visibility in the search results is by adding it to multiple directories that are already indexed by the search engines and are relevant to the category of your business. A common mistake that most newbie brands make is that they only add their details in a single directory.

Adding business details to more directories can increase your chances of being found more. Now, there is no doubt that this is a time-consuming task, but you must know that it would be worth the effort.

There are many online business directories such as Binge Business, yelp, Yellow Pages, Trip Advisor, and many others. By getting listed on these directories, you can achieve visibility and a better domain authority score, get more organic traffic, and improve your ranking.

An important point that we urge you to remember is that the business information you add to multiple directories must be similar to that of your GMB profile.

Get Expert Assistance from SEO Penguins!

If you find implementing these tasks difficult, you no longer need to stress about this problem.

SEO Penguins is a well-reputed agency that offers multiple SEO-related services to help businesses grow and improve their visibility and search rankings.

By ordering local SEO services for your business, you can easily get assistance in GMB profile maintenance, local keyword targeting, on-page optimization tasks, creating landing pages, adding to business directories, and much more.

The best thing about partnering up with SEO Penguins is that we offer the most affordable packages for businesses of all sizes. Our mission is to help you grow, so we offer plans customized to your needs and set a budget.

By getting the services of SEO Penguins, you would not have to stress putting in any manual efforts to optimize your site, whether you want to achieve a better ranking, more traffic, visibility, or all of these.

So stop wasting your time on manual optimization and contact SEO Penguins for a free consultation.

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