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5 Key Benefits of Google My Business Profile | How can it help your business grow?

by Jaselyn Royan

  • 2024-04-23

Wondering about the benefits of setting up your Google Business Profile? Well, you must know that Google My Business (GMB), which is commonly known as Google Business, is what you can create for your digital or physical business to share a variety of information about the nature of your business to inform, attract and drive visitors to your business site from the search results of Google.

Your GMB profile would include everything from your address, contact information, opening hours, company photos, content posts, promotions, discounts, seasonal offers, sponsored ads, and other important information relevant to your business. Creating your GMB profile is the best way to inform and tempt your target audience.

Top Benefits of Google My Business Profile for Your Business!

Google My Business profile is not just another digital marketing channel that helps you promote your business. Setting up your GMB profile has many benefits, and I have listed the most authentic ones in this section below.

1. GMB Profile Appears First in the Search Results

In the online market, it takes only a few seconds for a user to make an opinion about your business. You merely have seconds to win the interest and trust of your target audience, which means you need to make a strong first impression.

The GMB profile is one of the best ways to make a positive impression as it is the first thing that would appear in the search results before any potential customer. If your Google business profile listing is complete and informative, you can win a potential customer's interest.

2. It Can Boost the Trust of Customers in Your Business

Google is no doubt one of the most trustworthy services across the globe. Having your local business listed on Google would help you build trust and get perceived as a legitimate brand. You would be surprised to know that according to recent stats by Google, customers are three times more likely to engage with a business with a listed GMB profile.

Having a well-optimized Google business profile with positive reviews would help you win the trust of your customers. By seeing other customers giving positive reviews about your brand, potential customers would also be tempted to get into business with you. In my opinion, gaining the trust of possible prospects is one of the most important reasons for having a Google business profile.

3. GMB Profile Can Get You More Online Reviews

Your business needs reviews to be successful and drive maximum customers. Once you have set up your Google business profile, the GMB profile is not just there to convey information but also allows customers to leave their reviews. Each review added to your profile is going to increase your online visibility.

Without having customer reviews, your business would look as if it has, well, no business. If you want to communicate that your local business is worth visiting or investing in, you need at least five to fifty reviews.

There is no point in having a separate review section on internal sections of your site, as customers would not be visiting your site if they don’t find any positive reviews on the face of the profile. You can easily get customer reviews by creating a powerful profile and delivering accurate information.

4. Improve Your Rankings in Google Search

Google's business profile also plays an important role in placing you in the top ranks. By setting up your GMB profile, you can set yourself apart from your local competitors. You must know that when it comes to getting a higher search ranking position, you must focus on various search engine guidelines and methods to achieve your desired results.

When a customer searches for a business, Google lists relevant local businesses on its top searches. If you don’t have a GMB profile, you would still appear in the search results but further down the list and maybe in the later pages that no one visits.

Google prioritizes business sites with a well-optimized profile, which is why it is important to set your profile. So, if you want your business site to appear on the top searches, you must work on your GMB profile.

5. Get Access to Free Marketing Materials

Google My Business profile can also help you manage other aspects of your business, such as your contact details, business pictures, address, and other information. You can also add a new location, update your existing details and phone number, and link website content to attract new customers.

Once your GMB profile has been verified by the search engine and gets activated, you can easily access the free marketing toolkit by Google and use it for different marketing-related tasks.

You will find tools that will assist you in creating personalized promotional material for your business. You would also get stickers, decal templates for your social media profiles, banners, postcards, and much more.

So, by creating and optimizing your GMB profile, you can easily get help with digital marketing without spending a single penny! Now that you know about the five key benefits of Google My Business profile, I would like you to know about some practices you need to follow to optimize it.

How to Optimize Google Business Profile | Four Simple Tips!

In this section, I have discussed in detail some important steps that would help you optimize your GMB profile.

1. Always Provide Accurate and Consistent Information

The information you add to your profile must always be accurate and verifiable. If you are not providing accurate and clear information, it is simply going to confuse the search engine as well as your intended audience.

This is why it is important that you and your team focus on the quality of information you provide. You also have to make sure that the information you add on the GMB profile, Google Maps, social media profiles, local directory, and website are all consistent and not different from one another.

2. Add High-quality and Unique Images to Your Profile

Today, most online customers are interested in visuals and videos that can provide information about a business. This is why experts at SEO Penguins recommend that one focus on publishing original and high-quality images on the GMB profile.

You must understand that if you add local quality, blurry, or fake images on your profile, it is going to affect your credibility as a brand. Make sure that the visuals you add represent your company in a positive way.

3. Be Smart About Adding Specific Business Categories

When consumers do online product searches, they focus on certain business categories, such as "restaurant near me" or "dentist in my city." Finding relevant data, Google presents results that fall within the main category.

Adding secondary categories that are relevant to your business is an important step in creating a Google Business Profile. Making sure that these categories are the same across digital channels that Google indexes is a crucial step that a lot of businesses overlook.

This covers your web pages, landing pages, social networking accounts, websites with reviews from other parties, and, of course, your Google Business Profile.

4. Encourage Customers to Leave Your Business a Review

The best profile is the one that is filled with positive reviews from genuine customers. Now, once your profile starts bringing in business, it is important that you ask each customer or client to leave you a review of their experience with your business.

Positive reviews can help you build the trust of customers and attract new ones. Here, an important point you need to note is that you should not only add positive reviews on your profile, as it can make your business sound fake or manipulative. It is best to add negative reviews so that a new customer can analyze the feedback and make a wise decision for themselves.

Get Help from SEO Penguins with Your GMB Profile!

Google My Business profile can help your business site grow, get more traffic, and dominate the search results. There are tons of benefits to having a GMB profile, which we have already discussed in this article.

In addition to the benefits, we have discussed in detail some tips that would help you optimize your GMB profile. If you find this process to be difficult and want another party to manage your GMB profile, we would suggest you get help from SEO Penguins.

SEO Penguins offers a local SEO optimization service that covers different tasks, including setting up and optimizing your GMB profile. Experts at SEO Penguins can create your profile, add original images, get you positive customer reviews, and focus on other strategies to help you make the most of the Google business profile. For more details about local SEO and to partner up with SEO Penguins, book a free consultation today!

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